Biotecnika WhatsApp Group Link – Join Biotecnika WhatsApp

Biotecnika WhatsApp Group Link

Biotecnika WhatsApp Group Link – Join Biotecnika WhatsApp

Dearest BioTecNikans,

Here is some excellent news for all of you. As you read in the title, yes BioTecNika is available on WhatsApp. We have our very own official Biotecnika Group over on WhatsApp. The group is growing stronger each day and we would love to have all of you on board. 

Why join the group?

In this day and age of social media, staying connected via multiple avenues is the only way we can keep up with what is happening in the world around us. We promise this is not another WhatsApp University, instead it is going to be an informative group, where ease of dissemination of information is the goal. 

I know a couple of questions are already buzzing in your head – why should I join the WhatsApp group when I am already subscribed to the newsletter or on the BioTecNika TG group. All excellent questions and stick with me and I will answer them in a few minutes.

Benefits of BioTecNika WhatsApp

  1. If you prefer one form of social media over the other, WhatsApp is a given for most. Ease of access is one of the benefits. 
  2. Newsletter gives you handpicked and sought-after opportunities, however on WhatsApp you will also have access to freebies, downloads, fresh videos and breaking news stories related to your jobs, exams and more. 
  3. Yes, you can be part of both Telegram and WhatsApp groups – the posts on both platforms will be the same however each platform has its own unique features because of which the experience will alter slightly. For instance, any polls, opinions and contests will be conducted on TG only.
  4. Easy to download important notes and pdfs.
  5. Get reminders and notifications of all events, webinars, news, classes and offers through the group.

BioTecNika just wants to ensure that all of you are well connected and do not miss out on any of the important news we are sharing. Biotecnika is available across major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Telegram. And now we have moved to WhatsApp as well. 

So just click the link below to join our BioTecNika Official WhatsApp Group. We hope to see you there and we are glad you made it. 

A friendly reminder that you can also follow us on all of our other social media for informative and fun elements as well. Click on any of the icons below and join BioTecNika. We are glad to have you all on board.

Biotecnika Telegram Link

Biotecnika Instagram Link

Biotecnika YouTube Channel Link

Biotecnika LinkedIn Link

Biotecnika Facebook Group Link

Take care and see you on WhatsApp.

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