Chemical Engineering & Chemistry Job @ Honeywell

Chemical Engineering & Chemistry Job @ Honeywell - Apply Online

Chemical Engineering & Chemistry Job @ Honeywell – Apply Online

Honeywell R&D Tech vacancy, Chemical engineering and chemistry job opening 2022. Candidates with B tech and diploma degree in chemical engineering and chemistry may apply for the job opening at Honeywell for the post of Sr R&D Tech. Job opportunities for chemical engineering and chemistry candidates check out all the details on the same below:

Job Title: Sr R&D Tech

Location Sector 36, Pace City II, Gurgaon, HARYANA, 122004, India

Category Engineering

Job Id HRD170696

Eligibility Criteria:

B. Tech /Diploma in Chemical engineering/Chemistry or other related science disciplines is required.

• Additionally minimum 2 years of research and development and/or equivalent experience in the electrochemistry, fuel cell, catalyst synthesis, carbon neutrality/Pilot plant operations

• At least 1 year of experience in Electrochemistry R&D/ catalyst synthesis lab work/electrochemical analysis specialty chemicals/pilot plant operations

Additional Candidate Requirements:

Broad knowledge and experience in new product developments, catalyst synthesis, and electrochemical performance analysis.

• Hands-on practical experience in Chronoamperometry/fuel cell assembly/ Linear sweep voltammetry/ pilot plant operations

• Excellent interpersonal, multi-tasking skills, and organizational skills. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, UOP a Honeywell Company is committed to a diverse workforce


  • Uses judgment, based on experience to perform electrochemical cell operations, and MEA setup; implements procedural and or operational changes to accomplish the quality product.
  • Work with the global team to share results, seek feedback, and plan on the next set of actions related to electrochemistry projects.
  • Provide support for all HOS activities across the electrochemistry area.
  • Coordinate with scientists’ team, understand innovative strategies for electrochemical routes to new product development, and observe performance obtained using pilot plant set up.
  • Implement a consistent set of quality control procedures and standards, as well as a systematic Six Sigma-based approach for electrochemical measurement.

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