CSIR NET Tough Questions With Solution

CSIR NET Tough Questions

CSIR NET Tough Questions List + Answer Key + Explanation

Lakhs of Students Prepare every year for CSIR NET Life Science Exam conducted by NTA & CSIR HRDG. Next, the CSIR NET exam will be conducted in September this year. To revise for the upcoming exam, All the aspirants will follow their own preparation strategy; some will follow the PYQ-only strategy, some will follow the Video Revision strategy via Youtube, and some will follow the concept-based strategy (which is highly recommended by Senior Experts at Biotecnika). Some will also follow revision via their handwritten notes. The above strategies are fine but choose either of them or a combination depending on your current preparation level. To help you better revise for the CSIR NET Exam, we present a list of 50 Samples of CSIR NET Difficult questions with Answer+ Explanation.

How this list of 50 Difficult CSIR NET Questions Sample will help you?

  1. This list will give you an idea of the type of questions you can expect in the CSIR NET exam both in PART B & PART C.
  2. Questions are compiled with Answers + explanations so that you can understand & practice them better.
  3. This list differs from PYQs as the questions are hand-picked after analyzing all CSIR NET PYQs + Other similar competitive exams with explanations mentioned.
  4. These questions can also be termed TRAP QUESTIONS. Why? Because such questions are very tricky to answer with interrelated concepts from various units. Many aspirants fall prey to these questions and end up with huge negative marketing affecting their score and rank.
  5. Study these questions, understand the concept behind & tricks to solve them, and Practice them to gain confidence to solve any type of question asked in PART B & C.
  6. Suppose you are finding difficulty in understanding or solving these questions. In that case, you will understand your preparation level, based on which you can avoid such questions in the CSIR NET exam and move to other questions you are confident about, thus saving a lot of time.
  7. These questions will not only help with CSIR NET but with other competitive exams as well, like ICMR, DBt, etc.
  8. You can also solve similar questions from PYQs to boost your confidence further.

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