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Founded in 2006, Meril is an India-based, global medical device company that is dedicated to the innovation, design and development of novel, clinically relevant and state-of-the-art devices. As a leading healthcare solutions company, our fundamental aim is to champion the alleviation of human suffering and improve quality of life. To enable this, we are committed to R&D, innovation in manufacturing medical technology, scientific communication, and contemporary distribution avenues.

Meril was established by the Bilakhia Group, to improve the quality of human life through innovative and advanced healthcare solutions. As a medical device manufacturer, we strive to improve the inventiveness in healthcare so that people’s lives are enriched. We continually seek excellence in providing answers to some of medicine’s toughest questions.

Meril manufactures medical solutions in the form of vascular intervention devices, orthopaedic supplements, in-vitro diagnostics, endo-surgery and ENT products. It is our core commitment to ensuring the delivery of advanced healthcare solutions. Our inclination towards research and development is reflected in our diverse offerings. We ensure that we adhere to the best quality of standards in manufacturing, scientific communication and distribution to deliver path-breaking healthcare products to the world.

Position: Product Manager – Cardio Vascular

Location: Mumbai

Job Description:

Roles and Responsibilities

Collaborate: Regular cross-functional meetings

  • Domestic Marketing Team
  • International Sales Team
  • Research & Development
  • Field visits with the domestic team
  • Regulatory team
  • Production team

Sales Training

  • Design Training Material for the Sales team (Inputs, Ready ref, Product ppt, etc)
  • Hands-on Workshop for Sales Team
  • Train them on the etiquette of handling a device during the Dry Demo.
  • Designing of Role Plays & case studies
  • Procedure-wise training on products

Design & Develop Marketing Inputs

  • Artwork for Labels & Packaging
  • Brochures – Content, Artwork, Specifications
  • Newsletters – Content & Artwork
  • Magazines -Content & Artwork
  • Catalogs – Content & Artwork


  • Cardiovascular Workshop
  • Patients awareness camps
  • Designing tools for campaigns
  • Tracking Customer feedback
  • Measure performance against the goal (ROI)

Customer Engagement

  • Observership Program
  • Advisory board meetings
  • Hands-on Workshop for upcoming surgeons
  • CME on anorectal & colorectal procedures
  • In-house Conference ( Cardio Meeting)
  • Skill enhancement programs

Customer Visits

  • Fieldwork in the International market along with the sales team to understand the product response & to get first-hand information to identify customer needs and understand new product markets
  • Submission of detailed field visit report and analysis
  • Post-visit activities

Relationship with External Partners

  • Fieldwork and product and procedure training of authorized onboard channel partners

Brand Plan

Align the Brand Plan with Overall Corporate Strategy, Identification of Target Surgeons /accounts, In-depth information on the customer behavior and preferences, Positioning of the brand, Develop Product Name, LOGO & Tagline, Content Developing marketing increases both visibility and reputation, Content for Website, Marketing toolkit, Implementation/ Tracking & Adjustment.

Product Launch

  • Evaluation of products from thought leaders with feedback forms
  • Creation & designing of strategy, tools, and inputs for Launching New products in different Markets

World Congress Participation

  • Design Invitation Letter for the conference
  • Create artwork of Stall walls
  • Design relevant iputs for the event
  • Arraniging Symposium by enganing Global KoLs
  • Record relevant case videos to be displayed
  • Vendor Identification & Creation
  • Designing the artwork and content of the “Thanks Giving “mail for all the participants who have attended the booth.

Market Trend Analysis & Competitive Intelligence

  • Compile information on Competition products, specifications, brochures, marketing tools, and inputs (Global Market Survey)
  • Details Conference, CME & Symposiums conducted by the competition
  • Identification of World congress pertaining to CardioVascular
  • Mapping of activities done by new entrants.

Qualification: B.Sc/B.E/MBA

Experience: 7-12 Years

Salary: Negotiable

Contact Details:

Ms. Amrutha Kanchan

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